About the Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council

Mission of the Council

The Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council (HCFC) was created in 2017 to oversee the implementation of Housing First policies, guidelines, and regulations to reduce the prevalence and duration of homelessness in California. The Council's mission is to develop policies, identify resources, benefits, and services to prevent and work toward ending homelessness in California.

Action Plan for Preventing and Ending Homelessness in California

In developing and implementing its first-ever Action Plan, HCFC is pursuing a vision for the Council and the State’s work to prevent and end homelessness. The vision for this Action Plan is not simply making changes in how HCFC and State agencies do their work. This Action Plan seeks to orient the State’s efforts toward driving purposeful, meaningful, and measurable progress toward preventing and ending homelessness in California.

Meet the Council Members

The Council, chaired by the Secretary of the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency (BCSH), is a committee comprising representatives from ten State departments with up to ten additional community members, individuals representing community organizations, including individuals appointed by the Governor and people with lived expertise of homelessness.

The Council may also invite stakeholders, individuals who have experienced homelessness, members of philanthropic communities, and experts to participate in meetings, or provide information to the Council as needed.

Council Meeting Materials and Schedule

The Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council meets quarterly.