Consumer Protection

Department of Consumer AffairsDCA Image

The Department of Consumer Affairs consists of 42 licensing programs that issue approximately 3.5 million licenses, certificates, registrations and permits in more than 250 business and professional categories, including doctors, nurses, contractors, private security companies, and private postsecondary institutions. The Department protects California consumers by investigating and prosecuting complaints, as well as helps consumers learn how to protect themselves from scams and unqualified individuals.

Department of Fair Employment and HousingDFEH Image

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing is the largest state civil rights agency in the country. The Department investigates, mediates and prosecutes complaints alleging employment, housing and public accommodation discrimination. Investigates and prosecutes complaints alleging acts of hate violence.

Seismic Safety CommissionSSC Image

The Seismic Safety Commission researches earthquake issues, holds public hearings on seismic safety issues and makes recommendations to the Governor and Legislature on policies to reduce earthquake risk. The Commission also investigates and evaluates earthquake damage and reconstruction efforts following earthquakes; conducts earthquake preparedness, education and outreach programs; and provides consistent policy direction for earthquake-related programs for agencies at all government levels.