Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Program (HHAP)

Instructions: The Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Program (HHAP) will be using this online application form for submissions. This application form coincides with the HHAP Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). To support applicants in completing this form, instructions are available here. This form must be completed in one sitting. In addition to this form, applicants will need to submit required application attachments that are outlined in section 3 of this application. The attachments do not have to be submitted at the time you complete this form, but they are required for your application to begin the review process by HHAP Program staff.

Section 1: Eligible Applicant and Administrative Entity Information

Section 2: HHAP Program Allocation Request

Health and Safety Code § 50218 (a)(1-3):

Section 3: Required Application Attachments

After submission of this online application form, applicants will receive a confirmation email from hcfc@bcsh.ca.gov that includes a copy of the form, a tracking number, and a list of required attachments that must be submitted. Applicants must reply to the confirmation email and attach all items listed on the checklist for the application to be eligible for review. PLEASE NOTE: submitting this online application form does not mean the application is complete. The applicant will be notified by HHAP program staff when all documents have been submitted and the application is deemed complete.

  • HHAP Application Narrative
  • Annual Budget
  • Letters of Support
  • Redirection of Funds Documents (if applicable)
  • Authorized Signatory Form
  • Payee Data Record (STD 204 Form) for non-Governmental Organizations
  • Government Tax Identification (GovTIN Form) for Governmental Organizations

Section 4: Certification of Applicant Information

Authorization to Apply for HHAP Funds

Statement of Certifications