Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) Application – Large City Allocation

HEAP is a $500 million block grant program designed to provide direct assistance to cities and counties to address the homelessness crisis throughout California. The HEAP grant is authorized by Senate Bill (SB) 850, which was signed into law by Governor Brown in June 2018. As specified in Senate Bill 850, Sec. 50213 (c), program funding has been allocated to each city (or city/county) that meets both of the following requirements:

  • Has a population of 330,000 or more as of January 1, 2018, according to data published on the California Department of Finance’s internet web site.
  • Has, at the time of the award, declared a shelter crisis pursuant to Chapter 7.8 (commencing with Section 8698) of Division 1 of Title 2 of the Government Code.

NOTE: This application must be completed in one session. There is no “Save” feature to allow partial completion with final completion at a later time.

Please respond to each of the questions below to ensure a complete application. Questions regarding the application should be directed to the HEAP team at HCFC@BCSH.ca.gov.

Section 1: City (or City/County) Identification

City & Contact Information:

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Section 2: Homeless Emergency Aid Program

Homeless Emergency Aid Program:

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Total Amount Requested:

Proposed Use of Funding:

Use the drop-down menu to indicate the proposed activity and corresponding estimated expenditure. Please use separate lines for each proposed activity. The total expenditure should equal the total requested grant amount above.

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Section 3: Required Application Attachments

All applicants must email the attachments below for the application to be considered complete. After submission of this application, applicants will receive an email notification with an application number. Applicants must reply to the confirmation email and attach all required documentation in order to complete their application.