Encampment Resolution Funding (ERF) Program

$350 million competitive grant program available to assist local jurisdictions in ensuring the wellness and safety of people experiencing homelessness in encampments by providing services and supports that address their immediate physical and mental wellness and result in meaningful paths to safe and stable housing. Eligible applicants include counties, Continuums of Care (CoCs), and cities of any size.

There are currently three disbursements of ERF.

  • ERF-1 is Round 1 of the Encampment Resolution Funding Program. It featured one disbursement.
  • ERF-2 is Round 2 of the Program. It features at least two disbursements.
  • The first disbursement, ERF-2-L, is available only to ERF-1 applicants that were not ultimately or fully funded at their requested amount due to lack of available funds, that were determined by Cal ICH to have satisfactorily met program requirements. L stands for “Lookback” as in there is a lookback to ERF-1 applicants.
  • The second disbursement, ERF-2-R, is available to all eligible cities, counties, and CoC’s, including ERF-1 and ERF-2-L grantees. R stands for “Rolling” as in there is a rolling application process.” Cal ICH is currently accepting applications. Please refer to the ERF-2-R NOFA below for information on how to apply.